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Butch discovered his vocal talents early on in his life working for the telecommunication industry. Yelling into those paper cups attached to strings was the only way to communicate back in those days. He learned to play guitar and keyboards both at the same time, left hand guitar and right hand keyboards. Wow!
Ben is known as Mr. Clean, a true shredder from the 60's. His screaming guitar riffs rival that of Jimi Hendrix or even Jimmy Page. His Vocal talent is compared to Mick Jagger or Elvis. Now if he could only figure out how to plug in his air guitar...
Dropped in the delivery room at birth, Bobby was on his way to becoming the best rock drummer imaginable. As a small child he set up cans, bottles, pots, pans and just about anything he could get his hands on as a make shift drum set. Learning blues beats and rock n roll beats was a treat for Bobby. I used to beat just about everything in site. When he got older he learned that he was one beat off.
Tom and his bass go together like Tom and his business, successfully. Whether he is putting those fidgety fingers to work on a piece of electrical equipment or a bass guitar, you're sure to have a out of this world amazing result. He's not from this planet but some far very distant unknown one. He was left behind from a future mission to Earth, which is suppose to happen in the year 2052.

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